Urology Therapy Device

UroShield is a urology therapy device that is composed of two components:

Disposable Clip – Intended for single use and to be discarded with catheter replacement.

Driver – A portable unit (AC or battery powered) that provides power to the disposable clip.

The ultrasonic waves generated by the clip create an acoustic shield on the surfaces of the catheter to interfere with the attachment of bacteria, prevent bacterial biofilm formation, the development of infections and may eliminate or reduce the need for antibiotics.

UroShield is designed to:

  • Prevents biofilm formation
  • Decreases bacteriuria/UTI
  • Reduces catheter pain and discomfort
  • Increases antibiotic efficacy

The clip-on UroShield urology therapy device can be attached to all external urinary tract catheters providing potential relief from spasm and catheter pain.

Advanced portable therapy
Effective anytime, anywhere

Designed to Prevent

Formation of Biofilm on Catheters

Indwelling urinary catheters are a common device used by clinicians to resolve urinary retention problems. Regardless of the material the catheter is made of, bacteria will adhere to its surface and within a short period of time will colonize to form a biofilm that will contaminate the catheter surface. This biofilm dramatically increases the risk of the patient acquiring a Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI). UroShield is a disposable ultrasound device designed to reduce biofilm, this is accomplished by generating and propagating low frequency low intensity ultrasonic energy throughout the catheter.

Ultrasound interferes with the bacteria’s touch sensors discouraging bacterial docking on the catheter and leading to reduction of bacterial colonization and biofilm, thereby reducing risk of CAUTI. UroShield can be attached to any indwelling urinary catheter, transforming it into a therapeutic device. The Uroshield can relieve Foley catheter pain, reduce urinary tract infections, alleviate spasms, and help any inconveniences caused by the use of any type of indwelling urinary catheter.

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The use of urinary catheters to drain the bladder in those individuals who cannot void on their own is a tremendous advance in the care management of many patients. Yet, a tube that runs from outside the body to inside the body will always be associated with bacteria moving along the catheter to cause a urinary tract infection.

Urologists like me have been frustrated in battling these constant and recurring UTIs in the catheter patients that we care for. The Uroshield device with its patented ultrasonic vibrating properties offers us a truly innovative technology that limits bacteria from adhering to the urinary catheters thereby keeping our patients out of the hospital and away from chronic antibiotic use. For many individuals this device has been transformative, significantly improving on the quality of their lives.

Dr Marty Goldstein

President of New Jersey Urology, one of the largest urology groups in the country.

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)

Patients suffering from urological conditions can’t urinate on their own, an indwelling catheter, or Foley catheter, can ensure regular excretion of waste. It works by inserting anchored tubing through the urethra that drains into a bag. Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections are common complications resulting from bacteria entering the urinary tract while the catheter is being installed or regularly handled.

The UroShield device is designed to prevent bacterial biofilm formation on both urethral and suprapubic catheters through the delivery of low frequency/low intensity ultrasound Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW). The ultrasound waves cannot be heard by the user; however, it prevents bacteria from being able to stick to the surface, and thus prevents the formation of biofilm. The device itself comprises of a driver element and a small disposable actuator clip which is replaced every 30 days. The driver element produces the ultrasound waves, and the actuator delivers them as it attaches to either the urethral or suprapubic catheter. It is designed to be worn consistently to prevent the build-up of bacteria and is considered a preventative tool.

UroShield Testimonials

What our patients say about being pain free

Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) Technology

Wearable Ultrasound, and the benefits of Ultrasound includes turning an indwelling Catheter into a Therapeutic Device

NanoVibronix proprietary ultrasound technology enables creation of a miniature ultrasound transducer that can generate low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound energy through flexible materials surfaces.

The UroShield device harnesses the power of this technology to generate ultrasonic surface acoustic waves (SAW) via an actuator that is clipped on to the external portion of any indwelling urinary catheter. The waves are transmitted directly onto the indwelling catheters at frequencies of 90 kHz and propagate throughout the catheters entire length and on both its inner and outer lumens.

These waves acquire two vectors as shown in Fig. 1A. A longitudinal vector that spreads parallel to the wave propagation X axis along the catheter surface, triggering horizontal particle displacement.

Another transversal compression wave component develops on the Y axis in the direction of surrounding tissues or fluid. Consequently, the entire catheter is covered with a virtual vibrating acoustic coating.

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