Painshield frequently asked questions

  • Ensure that the driver is charged.
  • Prior to attaching the treatment patch to the skin, ensure that the designated area is clean and dry.
  • Remove excess hair from the area prior to patch application.
  • Open the actuator pouch and apply on treatment site using the supplied single use patches.
  1. Remove excess hair from the treatment area.
  2. Clean the treatment area thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol wipe.
  3. Ensure the treatment area is dry and free from any creams or oils which could affect the adherence of the actuator patch.

Pain reduction could begin as early as 30 minutes after treatment and last up to several days. PainShield® works by improving blood flow to muscles and tissues.

PainShield MD device is intended to apply ultrasonic energy to generate deep heat within body tissues for the treatment of selected medical conditions such as:

  • Pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Joint contractures
  • Patients with cancer and bone metastases under treatment area.
  • Directly on the eye.
  • Directly over an open wound.
  • Directly over ischemic tissues in individuals with vascular disease.
  • Over the uterus in pregnant patients.
  • Over bone growth centers until bone growth is complete.

We have a dedicated page for our distributors that you can visit and contact.

NanoVibronix warrants that the PainShield Driver will be defect-free for a period of one year from the product date of purchase

Uroshield frequently asked questions

The UroShield® can be used with any make, material, length or shape of catheter.

The UroShield® can be used with urinary catheter sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 French.

The actuator is for use with a single catheter only and should be disposed of when the catheter is replaced. A physician or healthcare provider should be consulted prior to disconnecting UroShield® actuator for reasons other than routine catheter replacements.

No, UroShield is low level/low frequency ultrasound which has a very high safety profile.